Calling all Telegram sticker artists… it’s your time to shine!

We need the community to get your creative hats on because we are excited to announce a new sticker competition! If you are an artist, or one of your friends is — show us what you got!

To align with the team’s planned marketing activities, we want to encourage our community to show support for the project in the group chat with quirky and cool stickers.

The competition will run until XXth June 2021.

The Rewards:

What’s a competition without rewards? These rewards are tailored to any aspiring artist so that he/she can get more recognition for the artwork and also see their work actively being used in our telegram group.

There will be 3 winners for this competition!

1st place:

  • x000 HZN
  • Artist recognition — Competition winners will be announced in a Medium post (Option to link to your social media profile and/or portfolio)
  • Glory — Use of your stickers in our Telegram Chat

2nd + 3rd place:

  • x00 HZN

How to enter:

Entering the competition is the easy part… the hard part will be designing the stickers! To submit your sticker pack simply upload them to a single Imgur post and email the link to the album to

Competition rules:

Here’s the stuff that you probably don’t want to read, but you have to as it’s important!

  • The image format must be PNG with a transparent layer
  • Resolution of sticker must be 512x512px
  • Minimum of 6 stickers, no maximum
  • Must be your ORIGINAL WORK! We will know if its copied
    (Note — If you have previously created HZN stickers, we encourage you to submit them to this competition).

That’s all. We will pick the winners ourselves based on the quality of the submission. We wish you luck and are excited to see what our community will come up with.

What is Horizon Protocol?

Horizon Protocol is a new DeFi platform that facilitates the on-chain trading of synthetic assets that represent the real economy.

Horizon Protocol seeks to provide exposure to real-world assets risk/return profiles via smart contracts on the blockchain. Forked from Synthetix, Horizon Protocol will leverage the time-tested derivative liquidity protocol and bring interoperability, scalability and a whole new array of tradable, real-world derivative products to the DeFi ecosystem.

Horizon Protocol’s commitment to the Binance ecosystem and native implementation on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) offers users the speed and dependability that is currently lacking on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is $HZN?

The Horizon Protocol token (HZN) drives the economic incentives for participants in the Horizon Protocol. HZN serves as collateral as part of the synthesis of tradable synthetic assets (zAssets), drives the reward system, as well as eventually facilitates a DAO that will govern the overall protocol and future development.

By forking from the Synthetix, Horizon Protocol is able to build upon the progress pioneered by others, while focusing on solving challenges related to scalability and affordability.

Where can I get $HZN?

MXC Exchange:


HZN Staker: (See also, HZN Staking Guide)

About us:

Horizon Protocol (HZN) Website:

Initial Supply: 100,000,000 HZN (See also, HZN Supply and Inflation Policy)

Contract Address:

Audit: Complete (Knownsec)

Follow us:


Telegram (EN):





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